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Create your online Lamna Account so you can access your secure lending platform where you can see how to invest, top up your account and control your investment portfolio.

We give you a dashboard where you can see the position of your investments and get an overview of your account activity.

It shows you what deals you have invested in, how much money you have lent towards each one and the amount of interest and profit share you have earned.

Introduction to Lamna

We aim to innovate into real solutions for housing provision on time and at a price ordinary people can afford, we are employing ground breaking Peer to Peer investing that enables people to own their own home in the UK.

Let us help you get on the property ladder!

We're helping solve the UK housing Shortage!

Reduce or eliminate your student loan

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Your capital is at risk if you lend to businesses. Lending through is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. For more information contact